About Gridserve Renew

Gridserve Ltd. is an IT Managed Service Provider and Reseller. Trading in our eighth year, the need to provide reliable used IT hardware has become ever more apparent. During the COVID19 pandemic, many offices closed their doors, either temporarily or more sadly, permanently.  Huge quantities of equipment were being sent to landfill when there was still so much life in them; alongside a need for schools, charities and small businesses to secure cheap operational IT, the Gridserve Renew service was born.

Gridserve Renew now runs alongside our main IT business, based in Calne, Wiltshire and provide many people with equipment at a fraction of the price they would ordinarily expect to pay.

All items are cleaned, refurbished and checked before being placed up on the store for sale.  We can provide hardware to specification and delivery to anywhere in the UK.

If you or someone you know needs low-cost IT, please get in touch with the Gridserve Renew Team!