Free shipping (in most cases) is available to all UK mainland residents. These orders will be sent on a Royal Mail 48 hour tracked service. Please allow 3-5 days, after receiving payment, for dispatch. 

We do not offer delivery outside of the UK. 

Battery Policy 

For devices that contain a battery (for example, Tablets & Laptops); batteries are not specifically tested for duration. In most circumstances, batteries for older devices will not last as long as brand new ones. Some devices will have had their batteries replaced (this will be specifically mentioned in the advert and the price will likely reflect this) but this is more often due to a battery being deemed unsafe by the engineering team.

Second hand batteries can usually be purchased at a reasonable cost; if you would like us to specifically replace a battery on a product prior to purchasing it, please contact us and we will do our best to cater for your needs.

Hard Drive and other Installations 

Each of our devices (Desktop Computers, Laptops & Tablets etc.) will have a brand-new HDD or SSD by default (unless otherwise stated). A new activated installation of Microsoft Windows (see description for version). Activation is based upon OEM digital certification associated with the device when it was built. All on-board devices are checked in Device Manager to ensure that drivers are installed correctly. Where possible, all updates will be installed prior to delivery (up until the date the device was refurbished).

Power Supply 

All laptops are supplied with an appropriate power supply unless otherwise stated in the advert (these may be third party manufactured and not the original).

Postage & Packaging 
Gridserve Renews is committed to reducing the environmental impact of postage and packaging. We therefore often reuse packaging to send out items sold on eBay. Items are always securely packaged however they may arrive in used boxes rather than new ones. 


All items sold include VAT at the current rate. VAT invoices can be provided upon request.


Please contact us immediately if you are unhappy with your item; we will do our best to address your issue or replace/refund where necessary.